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CT120 Cable Transit
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JV Firestop represents the best quality line of passive fire protection materials designed to restrict the passage of fire throughout a building. Our products are certified and approved all over the world and have been extensively tested and certified by UL and ULC.


Firestop Products

High Performance Products & Cost Effective Materials

Our products range includes:
Intumescent Pipe Collars and Wraps for sealing non-metalic pipes, Fire Rated Caulks for sealing around metalic pipes, conduits, ducts, and cables,
Fire Rated Mortar, CT-120 Cable Transits for verstile and flexible solution to bulk cabling firestops, Fire Rated Expanding Foam for general purpose filling and for sealing around penetrations.

JV Firestop
Master Distributor of ABESCO (UK) in Canada

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All our products are
UL Classified 1 and 2 Hour rating

Please visit our firestop product page to see additional technical and safety information on every product.

Popular Products
  • Fire Rated Caulks
  • Putty
  • Cable Transits
  • Pipe Collars
  • Fire Rated Foam
  • Fire Rated Mortar
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  FP200 Fire Rated Foam

- Provides an insulating seal to concrete, brick, wood, metal, aluminum & steel
- Easy installation with improved finish
- Mild Pink color once dried
- 1 can will covers up to 1 cubic foot
- Not affected by moist or humid temperatures
- Environment friendly and 100% CFC Free

  FR Pipe Collars           

- Abesco Pipe Collars are designed to prevent the spread of fire from one compartment to another where plastic pipes penetrate separating walls and floors.